About Us

The Sudbury Special Education Parent Advisory Council (Sudbury SEPAC) is a volunteer advisory council of Sudbury Public Schools (PreK-8) families who collaborate with administrators, educators, and School Committee to continuously improve student outcomes and well-being. Sudbury SEPAC also serves as a resource to local families of students with disabilities.

Board Members

Chair  - Kate Mellon

Secretary - Maia Projunsky Bell

Treasurer (volunteer needed)

Technology Coordinator - Rob Mellon

Community Resources Coordinator - Susan Francis

Events Coordinator -  (Volunteer Needed)


Curtis Middle School- Amy Ackerson

Loring Elementary School - Amy Ackerson

Nixon Elementary School  - Maia Projunsky Bell

Haynes Elementary School  - Andrea Kraemer

Noyes Elementary School - Maia Projunsky Bell

Preschool  - (Volunteer Needed)