About Us

The Sudbury Special Education Parent Advisory Council (Sudbury SEPAC) is a volunteer advisory council of Sudbury Public Schools (PreK-8) families who collaborate with administrators, educators, and School Committee to continuously improve student outcomes and well-being. Sudbury SEPAC also serves as a resource to local families of students with disabilities.

Board Members

Chair (or co-chairs)

Secretary (Volunteer Needed)


Technology Coordinator

Membership Coordinator

Events Coordinator (Volunteer Needed)


Preschool Liaison

Curtis Liaison

Loring Liaison

Nixon Liaison

Haynes Liaison

Noyes Liaison

OOD Liaison (Volunteer Needed)

METCO Liaison (Volunteer Needed)

SPS PTO Liaison (Volunteer Needed)

Neighboring SEPACs Liaison (Volunteer Needed)

L-S SEPAC Liaison (Volunteer Needed)

SEPAC Liaison to Sudbury Commission on Disability

SPS School Committee Liaison

CRANE Liaison (Volunteer Needed)

School Committee Liaison to SEPAC